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The School of Graduate Studies is committed to support personal and professional development of our postgraduate researchers. We aim to equip our postgraduate researchers with the skills, attributes and knowledge to thrive as independent researchers and professionals.

The range of personal, professional and career development opportunities offered to all postgraduate researchers at UTM is extensive. Programmes of training are tailored to the individual needs of the postgraduate researcher, and reviewed each year in consultation with the researcher’s supervisory team.

The School of Graduate Studies, under Support Studies Activities (SSA) consists of support program developed for postgraduate students namely:

The structured courses which consists of nine courses, are conducted at each faculty by Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS).  These courses are fundamental courses aims at developing researcher identity and equipping students with the skills needed during their PhD study. Aside from developing the research skills, our students are also furnished elective courses that aim at harnessing both personal and professional skills and aptitudes.

SSA emphasizes on the students’ different developmental needs such as their sense of moral values and attitudes, skills and creativity. Through their participation in SSA, students can improve their communication skills, to cooperate with other people and in addition to enrich their life experience.  To those who are given the opportunities to organize SSA (PGSS faculty), they will gain first-hand experience of program planning and leadership, thus enabling themselves to discover and develop their potential.

These sets of guidelines include basic concepts related to the planning and organization of activities and this will be a reference for others to implement their SSA programs efficiently.

Our Aim & Mission is to provide support program according to the following clusters which include 21st Century elements namely; Critical thinking and problem solving, communications and collaboration, self-sufficiency, creativity and innovation.

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