1. Refer to Reviewer’s comments for any necessary revision by logging in your account in the CMT submission system ( Please ensure that the final version of your extended abstract is following the prescribed format:(doc | pdf ), and save it as .doc or .docx file. Participants are to take note of important date by referring to this link.
  2. Upload the camera-ready version (*this means whatever you uploaded will be published as it is in the conference proceedings) of your corrected extended abstract through the CMT by 7th June 2016. To do this, log in to your CMT account, and on your author console, click “Edit Submission” and do the submission as instructed. (Note: Do not click “Delete Submission” since it will cause your CMT account to be deleted. Please click “Edit Submission” first then remove old file after that Upload a new one and Save).
  3. Please make sure that your short abstract, of not more than 300 words, written in English is provided/replaced in the CMT system.  The abstract should not only indicate the subject and scope of the paper but also summarize the introduction, methods and results. (*This abstract will be published as it is in the abstract book).

  4. All abstracts / presentations / posters / full papers should be in English.

  5. Fill out the Registration Form online (to make sure the name of presenter/participant only) by 7 June 2016. Each student who register will get our conference kit and can attend the conference. Please click here for registration.

  6. Pay the registration fee. Scan the proof of payment and/or save it as .pdf file. Upload the file through the CMT system by 7 June 2016 (for early birds). Beyond this date, you need to pay the regular registration fee, which you should also upload in the CMT system AND attach in an email to by 7 July 2016.

Note again that the extended abstract will be included in the proceeding of the conference (with ISBN Number). For the full paper template and further instruction, we will notify you after the payment has been made. The template of full paper (4-6 pages) for consideration in our SCOPUS journal has been made available at our website.

There will also be a half-day Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights & Patents) on 15 August 2016. Further announcements will be made available.

Other arrangements regarding the conference will be informed through you or updated through the website. Should you have any inquiry, please contact us at or LIKE and enquire through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.