Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Keep text to a minimum and emphasize graphics.


1. Required Elements
a. Title – Your poster should include a banner title.
b. Introduction – Introduce the research question, give a small amount of background, and identify your hypothesis and the purpose of your study. Consider using bullet points.
c. Methods – Describe the experiments and protocols employed in your study.
d. Results – The results of your study appear here, illustrated by the majority of your figures. Present only the most pertinent results. Check that the figures are large and easily read.
e. Conclusion – Interpret your results. Compare or contrast your findings to those from the scientific literature. Suggest further experiments or research that would build upon your study.


2. Format and Design
a. The poster boards are A1 (23 inch wide by 33 inch tall)
b. Fonts – Your poster should be easily read from a distance of 4 ft. Use contrasting fonts for the title, text and figure legends. (e.g. – Times for the text, and Arial for the title and figure legends)
Title: 90 – 95 pt.
Headings (Methods, etc.): 90 pt.
Text: 28 – 36 pt.
Lit Cited: 18 – 20 pt.