There will be six parallel sessions for oral presentation and two sessions for poster presentation according to the tracks. The presentations schedule can be downloaded here.


Oral Presentation



Poster Presentation

  • Each presenter is given 5 minutes of presentation time and 2 minutes of QnA session. A total of 7 minutes is given to each presenter.
  • Presenters are advised to be present at the venue 1 hour before your presentation.
  • A bell will be rung during the last 5 minute of the allocated time.
  • Another bell will be rung twice for the last 2 minutes of presentation.
  • The last bell will be rung thrice, indicating allocated time have been used up and QnA session will start immediately after that.
  • Presenters are required to submit their presentation materials to our committee via the following links:
  • Submission can be done with pdf or ppt format.┬áParticipants can check/edit their submission here.
  • Deadline for submission is 10th of August 2018.