Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has always been the place in bringing together academics, developers, beneficiaries and practitioners especially in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology and Social Science. The conference is located at Convention Hall, B12 Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru. The venue B12 is strategically located in front of Sultanah Zanariah library at ‘Lingkaran Ilmu’ or Circle of Knowledge. The accommodation to the conference venue at cheapest room rate, click here to know more.

Getting around the conference venue is easy with our transportation service which includes Buses, Taxis, Student Taxis, Bicycles, and car for rent which offers at affordable rate,  click here to know more. Participants can also go sight seeing outside UTM and visit interesting places around Johor Bahru & vicinity. Participants and non-participants are invited to join IGCESH excursion and enjoy a comfortable tour. A  unique selection of tours and activities have been curated which provide excellent opportunities to further connect with colleagues through an offering of local outings in our excursions.

To know more about Malaysia and places of interest around Johor Bahru can press on this link.