Proposal Defense is one of the most important in doing a Ph.D. Every student needs to defend their proposal before proceeding to another chapter. Thus, this workshop was aimed at helping students to get the best tools before presenting their proposal. Furthermore, during this pandemic of Covid-19, stress can be a factor for not completing. At the same time, they are unable to meet their supervisors physically.

The registration for this workshop was opened for four days, and good responses from students. A few days before the workshop, the online registration had achieved a suitable number of 266 registered participants through a google form. Much publicity was given to the seminar via various media platforms that are accessible to students. The time for the workshop was 2 hours, which was sufficient for the occasion. The speaker was so eloquent and gave a satisfactory delivery on occasion.

He answered all questions that were posed to him. Students expressed satisfaction about having been motivated and encouraged by the workshop. They also said that the workshop was productive and insightful and gained immensely from the topic. The rating of the workshop was high, with positive comments.