In social science research, one of the methodologies used is the quantitative research methodology, and there is a need to acquire the knowledge of quantitative research methods. Acknowledging the importance of this, the Association of Graduate Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (PGSS FSSH) has organized a program entitled ‘Research Method in Social Science (Quantitative)’ on 8th August 2021, Sunday. The program was implemented collaboratively within our PGSS team led by Mohd Suhaimi bin Samad.

The two-hours structured course was conducted online via Webex which started at 10 am until 12.00 pm with 30 minutes specialised for the Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session between panel and participants. Before the program began, 265 participants registered in the pre-registration form and 266 participated through the whole program. The participants were from semester one until six from both master and PhD students. The knowledge sharing session by the invited panel, Prof Dr Siti Aisyah bt Panatik@ Abd Rahman had received positive and constructive feedback from the participants at the end of the course. 

The participants stated that this program is beneficial and provide an insight to the process of carrying out research using the quantitative research method. Several participants suggested that this program should be continued in future courses. Hence, this program is suggested to be conducted again with additional time since there were many questions that left unanswered. 

Prepared by:

Anis Nadirah binti Roslan

Secretary of the program  Research Method  in Social Science (Quantitative)