PGSS SKT was organized  structured course entitled:


The event details are as follows:

🧑🏼‍💼Speaker : Prof. Dr. Zainora Zainon Noor

📅Date : 25/7/2021 (Sunday)

⏰Time : 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM | (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

💻Platform: Webex meetings

Fear not on your preparations for upcoming viva examination by joining us in this exclusive webinar where we can master tips and tricks to pass with flying colours!

This structure course aimed to share the ideas and techniques/strategies to perform well during. Meanwhile, this structured course provided a platform for students to share their problems and challenges while completing their postgraduate study due to experience difficulties on how to prepare for online viva during the covid pandemic. Student need extra techniques anda skills to cope with current situation to appear for online viva for coming exams anda defense. The outcomes of this stuctured course is to prepare the participants for their Viva Voce Preparation. The speaker did a great job describing the process flow of the viva voce and answered all the questions given by the participants.

In general, with the effort and collaboration between the PGSC committees and the speakers, this structured course has been successfully organized. Based on the feedback that we obtained from the participants, majority of them are happy to be inspired and motivated through the sharing session and they were fulfilled by this course done by Dr. Zainura. We also received additional positive comments from the participants, such as hoping to have more webinars in the coming future. Nonetheless, we also received suggestion from participant so that the sharing could be done with more examples based on current situation such as during this Covid-19 pandemic.