PGOSC by PGSS SKE held programme 

“How to Develop MATLAB Apps with Graphical User Interfaces (GUIS)”

Date: 29th July 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 10.30 am-12.30 pm
Speaker: Ts. Dr. You Kok Yeow
Platform: Webex meeting

The Webex meeting opened from 10.00 am and registration of participants started from 10.15 am and the course started at 10.30 am. The moderator introduced the speaker and then the speaker started the presentation. At 10.35 am, the speakers started by introducing the environment to build app using MATLAB, which are MATLAB guide and MATLAB appdesigner. MATLAB guide and MATLAB appdesigner are compared. The speaker showed the steps to build an app, which is a microstrip line calculator GUI as an example. He explained the importance of calculating impedance using the microstrip line calculator to achieve impedance matching in high-frequency circuits. He introduced the formulas to calculate the width and length of microstrip line. He then proceeded to show and explain the steps to build the GUI using slides. At 12.00 pm, he showed some examples of apps developed in MATLAB. He explained the functions of some buttons and introduced the functions of some apps. At 12.25 pm, he started to demonstrate building a simple app on MATLAB, which is a ‘x + y = z’ calculator. After taking the group photo, the course ended at 12.50 pm. The feedback from the participants are positive overall. Many requested for a hands-on session to show more practical demonstration