30 May, JOHOR BAHRU – The online course entitled “Research & Industry: Commercialization of Research Products” was successfully organized by Postgraduate Student Society of School of Electrical Engineering (PGSS-SKE) at 2:30PM on 30 May 2022 (Monday). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong Che Fai, who is an associate professor in School of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and an entrepreneur, was invited to share his professional knowledge. A total of 44 participants attended the course.

The course aims:

  • To motivate and inspire postgraduate students in entrepreneurship by sharing the success story of research products commercialization
  • To share knowledge on the collaboration between research and industry, commercialization of research inventions

The Cisco-Webex meeting was opened at 2.00PM to allow the registration of participants. The course started at 2.30PM and the moderator introduced the speaker. Afterwards, the speaker started by introducing himself and his entrepreneurship achievements. The presentation was divided into four main topics, which are Academic to Entrepreneurship Mindset, Innovation, How to Pitch, and Case Studies. At the end, the speaker concluded his speech with passionate encouragement to the students to shift from academia to industry whenever they want. The most precious sharing from the speaker speech in my opinion is he taught the hidden skills and trick in business. He even showed the audience the actual pitching slide of his company use to seek investment from global investors. We do not think we have thanked him enough for his generosity by sharing that precious knowledge to the audience who are mostly students and junior an entrepreneur. At 4.00PM, the presentation ended, and Q&A session started. The speaker managed to answer all the questions in the chat box and the online course ended at 4.30PM after taking group photos with participants.

The feedback from the participants is positive overall. However, due to some technical issues coming from the organizer, we received feedback to arrange the event better. However, thanks to the information sharing from the very experienced speaker, the course overall rating is towards excellence.