24 July, Johor Bahru – PGSS MJIIT has successfully conducted the third structured course entitled “Career Insight: Academia vs Industry” on Friday, 13th May 2022. The course featured two speakers, namely Dr. Siti Nurul Akmal Yusof from UniSZA, Malaysia and Dr. Izyan Iryani Mohd Yazid from NSK Ltd. Japan. Both speakers are alumna of MJIIT UTM, whereby Dr. Siti represented the academia and Dr. Izyan represented the industry. The course was promoted 3 weeks through various media such as Facebook page, Whatsapp and PGSS mailing list. A total of 36 participants were recorded during the session by using Cisco Webex. This course was initiated to guide postgraduate students during their career planning after graduation. Some students may choose to be an academics and be affiliated to universities while some students preferred to work in industry of their related subject of research.

The aims of this course are as follows:

  • To introduce the career pathway in academia and industry
  • To explain the advantages and disadvantages of career in academia and 
  • To give insights for postgraduate students in their career option upon graduation
The Webex meeting room was opened at 9.45 and the program was started at 10.00 according to the schedule. The moderator introduced both speakers and Dr. Siti proceeded as the first speakers. Dr. Siti shared her PhD journey at MJIIT and how she finally became a lecturer in a Malaysian public university. She also highlighted the required experience prior to become a lecturer, which include a post-doctoral position. Being a lecturer and academician, she shared her key responsibilities, the pros and cons of this career pathway. The program was continued by introducing the second speaker, Dr. Izyan. She shared her previous educations and work experiences before securing a job in Japan. The responsibilities, workplace culture, flexibility and career advancement in both academia and industry were also highlighted. In addition, Dr. Izyan also shared the main differences between academic CV and industry resume. The program continued to the QnA session, whereby the participants were actively asking and discussing with both speakers. Among issues that being asked were regarding the salary, interview questions and future career paths. The course ended at 12.35 pm. Participants stated that the course was useful and informative. Some was also inspired to work overseas.