The structured course entitled “EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: WRITING, DESIGN AND PRESENTATION SPECIALIZATION” was held on 20th MAY 2022 from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. virtually in Webex session. The speaker for this event was Dr. Lam Ming Quan. The speaker shared his knowledge on how to develop such effective communication via presentation tools such as PowerPoint, Canva and M. Publisher. In overall, there are 107 participants from both UTM and other institution which 96 participants from UTM, 11 participants from Non-UTM and from other universities, have joined this sharing session and majority of them are Ph.D. students. The undergraduate students and lecturer from other institution also participated in the event.

Dr. Lam has shared the tips on how to organize our slide presentation or posters to catch the attention of the audience. The speaker also emphasizes the participants to highlight the main ideas and crucial points before visualize them via presentation tool of choice. Furthermore, the main presentation tools such as PowerPoint, M.Publisher and Canva were riefly explained by Dr. Lam in term of the usage, editing, recording, designing and many more. A sufficient question and answer session had been arranged to provide the opportunity for every participant to solve their doubts. In the end of the session, the speaker also shared his experience on solving difficulties and obstacles when constructing, designing and conducting the presentation to encourage the participants to move on when they face similar problems.

Based on the feedbacks of participants, the appointed speaker was managed to deliver the important points on how to communicate effectively to the participants. In overall, the course had achieved the objectives and all the participants gained a lot of knowledge from this leisure sharing session.