The workshop aimed to provide the audience tips on how mastering quantitative methodology chapter. This will help the audience to understand the purpose of a quantitative methodology chapter. Audience also will be introduced to the components of a quantitative methodology chapter and at the same time it will develop the skills and ability to develop a comprehensive quantitative methodology.

The registration for this program was open for one week, and there were good responses from the students. The online registration had achieved a good number of 193 registered participants. There has an advertising to the seminar via various social media platform accessible to student includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram. A total of over 117 participants watched the program live on WebEx on the workshop’s day. The motivation to organize the workshop was based on survey through online google form created and this topic one of the highly demands. The program was taking 2 hours’ time, which was sufficient for the occasion. The speaker was so knowledgeable and gave a satisfactory delivery on occasion. He answered all the questions posed to him with the satisfaction of participants. Students expressed satisfaction about having been motivated and encouraged by the workshop. They also said that the workshop was productive and insightful and gained immensely from the topic. Some of them said this program was useful and very helpful with the excellent presentation. The rating of the workshop was high, with positive comments. However, two participant believes that the time allocation not enough since there still needs to be elaborate more because chapter 3 is very important in research. The class also can be divided to three session which is from basic to advanced.