23 Feb 2023, JOHOR BAHRU – The course arranged by PGSS MJIIT is regarding the recent progress of nanotechnology ,especially by using an electron microscope. The course entitled ‘Nanotechnology: Empowering the skills’ was proposed featuring three experts from Kyushu University, which are Prof Noriyuki Kuwano, Prof Satoshi Hata and Assistant Prof. Hiroshi Akamine.

The course was then promoted approximately two weeks before the program date, focusing on the MJIIT postgraduate students. The course was aimed to share knowledges amongst researchers on the mechanism and the way to deal with the morphological characterization by using an electron microscope. A total of 23 participants was attended during the session. Tentatively, the program started in 09.15 by welcoming remarks from Dr Sukri as academic manager of SPS KL.

The moderator briefly introduced the speakers and speakers began their talk. The program continued with a QnA session, which was also participated by several other MJIIT lecturers and also from industry. Some questions were regarding on how important the scanning time to obtain a good image and also EDX method which is one of the important parameters for morphological characterization. Prof Kuwano suggested that a proper preparation of the sample should be done to obtain a good result and he also advisable to use another microscope such as FIB-SEM and LV-SEM.

The course was ended at approximately 12.45 pm, followed by a group photo session. The feedback from participants showed a positive response. PGSS MJIIT is taking the suggestion for consideration.