1 February 2023, Johor Bahru – The online structured course entitled “Career After PostGraduate Study, Follow Your Passion or Skills?” was successfully organized by Postgraduate Student Society Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics on 1 February 2023 (Wednesday).

Event was conducted on Webex platform on 1st February 2023 from 10am – 12pm. Sharing session was done by Dr Sriyanta Hadi, UTM Alumni with vast experience in oil and gas industry. Session started by welcoming remarks by Sara Tarek as moderator, followed by introduction of speaker to the audience.

Dr Sriyanta Hadi is a professional engineer, 32 years working experience in oil & gas industry, Degree in Petroleum Engineering (ITB, Indonesia, 1991), Master of Finance Management (UI, Indonesia, 2003), Master of Petroleum Geology (UKM, Malaysia, 2013), Master of geophysics (ITB, Indonesia, 2013), and PhD in Strategic Management (UTM, Malaysia, 2022). Incumbent has gained his capability through several companies including Lemigas, Hudbay Oil, LASMO Oil, Kondur Petroleum SA, and PETRONAS. He has been exposed in many areas including petroleum engineering, production operations, petroleum economics, production operations, and operational excellence. He conducts and leads various studies and projects ranging from strategic to tactical. He practices talent development ranging from framework development up to implementation including setting up ruler and training development, capability assessment and evaluation.

Dr Sriyanta has also been active in some professional institutions. He has been serving as technical committee member for American Petroleum Institute (API) and involved in some institutions such as Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Being passionate in oil & gas production, he prominently shares experiences and best practices through Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE) avenues. Being recognized within sustainability society, incumbent has contributed as a journal reviewer for the Journal of Cleaner Production of Elsevier publisher and Journal of Humanities & Social Science of Nature Springer publisher.

Dr Sriyanta Hadi, was born and raised in Indonesia, married with two children. Reading, horse riding and jogging are among his hobbies. Motivating people is part of his passions. History and culture are among his interests.

This event received an overwhelming respond from participants across UTM as well external parties. Total 87 participants joined the online sharing with 55 Ph.D. students, 22 Master and 11 others category. Average feedback rated is 5 and most participants expressed their appreciation to PGSS RFTI for organizing this sharing.