18th April 2023, JOHOR BAHRU – Postgraduate Student Society of Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (PGSS FCEE) with collaboration of UTM PROSPECT has held our Additional Course with the title of “ChatGPT for Research and Writing”. This course aims to introduce the application of CHATGPT in research and writing, and to advice on the ethics of using ChatGPT.

We are truly honored to have Dr. Muhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin, an active researcher in the field of education to be the speaker of our sharing session. Dr. Hadi has introduced the phases of using ChatGPT, from being a “good friend” to a “critical friend”. He emphasized that the use of ChatGPT should adhere to the “three pillars of academic”, which are originality, research authority and validity. Also, Dr. Hadi has showed ways to verify and crosscheck the citations given by ChatGPT. He noted that it is crucial to check every reference given by ChatGPT and to differentiate the role of the user and the ChatGPT. Besides, Dr. Hadi alerted that the user should avoid the full dependence towards ChatGPT.

With full gratitude, PGSS FCEE would like to thank Dr. Muhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin for insightful sharing. Thank you to all participants for making this program a success. We genuinely hope for your continuous support for the upcoming events conducted by PGSS FCEE.