21st June 2023, JOHOR BAHRU – The ‘Nail Your Presentation: Tips & Tricks’ course was successfully held physically on 21 June 2023 at Sakura Room, MJIIT, UTMKL. The speaker was knowledgeable in offering techniques that will help participants engage the audience at each presentation that they attended. The course begins with the emcee introducing the speaker’s biography, followed by a beneficial discussion by the speaker.

Furthermore, the speaker allows the participants to prepare a three-minute speech regarding the research. The committees also aid the speaker by displaying samples of short videos that might be used to convey their research to the audience. Overall, all participants were satisfied with the information obtained during this session.


1. Enhance presentation skills: Help participants improve their overall presentation skills, including aspects such as body language, voice projection, eye contact, and engaging with the audience.

2. Develop effective storytelling techniques: Teach participants how to incorporate storytelling elements into their presentations to make them more engaging, memorable, and persuasive.

3. Improve slide design: Provide guidance on creating visually appealing slides that effectively support and enhance the presentation, including tips on layout, font selection, color scheme, and the use of multimedia.

4. Enhance message clarity and organization: Assist participants in structuring their presentations in a clear and logical manner, ensuring that key messages are effectively conveyed to the audience.