17th May 2023, JOHOR BAHRU – The fifth postgraduate structured course entitled “Strategies to Write A Review Paper” has been successfully conducted by Postgraduate Student Society of School of Electrical Engineering (PGSS SKE), School of Graduate Studies (SPS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) on 18th May 2023.

The course aimed to educate step-by-step on how to write insightful review paper in a short time; to educate the author on how to present the discussion in a systematic manner without any ambiguity; and to educate the author to present the limitations of the existing study with future perspectives. The program went for about 2 hours online via Cisco-Webex meeting. There was a total of 107 participants including undergraduates and postgraduate students from UTM as well as from other universities.

The appointed speaker of the session is Assoc Prof Ir Dr Rubita Sudirman. She received her PhD degree (2007) in electrical engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. His research work is mainly on biomedical signal processing, speech and auditory, electrooculography, rehabilitation engineering and medical electronics. She was a reviewer for few journals such as:
a. IEEE Access
b. Journal of King Saud University – Computer and Information Sciences,
c. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Elsevier
d. International Journal of Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier
e. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
f. British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, ISI
g. Journal of Applied Science & Technology
h. Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik.

She was also the director of Electronics & Computer Engineering. Prof Ir Dr Rubita has also received various awards and honors. Here are some I would like to mention, in 2019 she was the finalist in Women In Engineering. She has also received the Staff Excellence Award. Currently she has two PhD students and 1 Master student.

The moderator started the session at 2:30pm by introducing the topic and speaker. The speaker shared the technical writing skills and tips on writing the review paper. Before the session ended at 4.30pm, the speaker had excellently answered and responded to the questions raised by the participants.