14 March 2023 , Johor Bahru – The structured course entitled ‘How to Get Published in High Impact Journals’ was held on 14 March 2023 from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. virtually through Zoom online platform. The speaker for this workshop was Mr Nicholas Pak, Senior Customer Consultant (e-Platform and Content) from Elsevier Singapore. The speaker shared his knowledge and guidance on tips and tricks to get published in journals focusing on biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. In overall, there are 157 participants from both UTM JB, UTM KL and other institutions which 130 participants from UTM, and 27 participants from other universities, have joined this workshop. Majority of them are Ph.D. students. The undergraduate students and lecturer from other institution also participated in the workshop.

The speaker briefly explained the criteria and process to published in high quality of journals on Scopus. Furthermore, the speaker also gives a guidance on how to identify which journals are listed in Scopus and the article metrices. The speakers also advice the participants to survey and read the guidelines of targeted journal to choose the most suitable journals to publish manuscripts. A sufficient question and answer session had been arranged to provide the opportunity for every participant to solve their doubts. In the end of the session, the speakers show a tutorial on process to submit manuscripts on Elsevier website and how to distinguish between predatory and reputable journals.

Based on the feedbacks from participants, speaker is managed to deliver the tips and tricks based on respective area to the participants. In overall, the course had achieved the objectives and all the participants gained a lot of knowledge from this workshop.