15 March 2023, Johor Bahru – Mental Health sharing on Dealing with Anxiety and Depression Among Student conducted virtually on Webex. This event is a collaboration between PGSS MJIIT and PGSS RFTI. Talk was delivered by Puan Anita Abu Bakar, Founder and President of the Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA). She is a strong and known advocate for Mental Health and social issues in Malaysia and internationally. She initiated the first Peer-led Mental Health Advocacy and Support Group in Malaysia. As Anita was born and raised overseas, she subsequently pursued her tertiary education at Tulsa University, Oklahoma in the United States. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, with a minor in Management Information Systems. Upon her return to Malaysia, Anita pursued a career path as an Investment banker, and worked in the corporate field for over 10 years. She also holds an MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). MIASA is the first mental health peer group in Malaysia, provides non-medical alternatives and support environments to peers and caregivers.

In the sharing, Puan Anita shared mental illness statistics among undergraduate, mental health status among postgraduate and the gaps between the two groups. Definition of mental health was explained to participants followed by factors could lead to mental health issues and the consequences. Session continued with awareness on anxiety and depression, what are the symptoms and common causes with few examples of cases among students and a true story
on recovery from anxiety and depression.

Participants were also explained on relaxation technique to combat mental illness and building self-resilience. The most important sharing was on where and how to seek help since in most cases, the incumbent does not know where and how they can get help on their illness. Session was ended with Q&A and photo session.

Total participants registered was 82, with average rating of 4.7 and 65% of participants agreed the course met the objectives.