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Innovative knowledge for Industry and Academia

An Industrial PhD is a Doctoral Research Program which accommodates the range of activities that support original and innovative work that encompasses the academic, professional and technological fields and is not restricted or related solely to a traditional ‘scientific method’. Qualitatively, Industrial PhD is equivalent to all other types of doctoral programs, including the conventional PhD.

Industrial PhD is a doctoral program that provides opportunities for students/researchers to bridge the gap between two worlds. The objective of the program is to establish cooperation between the university, a company and student/researcher, on a specific research project that is of high value to the company and the participating parties.

There is researcher demand, workforce trends, industry needs and/or national priorities which give rise to the need for the development of such an industrial doctoral program, in transforming the country into an innovation-led economy (New Economic Model).

The development of such an industrial doctoral program is a clear strategic priority for the institution of higher learning, and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MyBrain15 Initiative).

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