The ‘How to Defend Your Proposal Like a Pro via Online during MCO’ was held on 4th May 2020, Monday using online platform Cisco Webex Meeting.

This talk was organised to engage student on what to prepare and perform on proposal defence. The registration for this event was open for about 2-3 hours only. As of the high demand from the students, the registration was force to be closed with 449 participants registered to attend. The total participants on the actual day were 280 participants.

Based on the feedback from the participants, the speaker had deliver very well by the way she emphasized on the concept that proposal defence is a presentation to a family. The word used in delivering the talk was simple yet give a total understanding to the participants regarding the topic. The participants also wish that SPS could organize similar courses for VIVA VOCE. Overall, this online course received excellent rating among the participants with positive comment.

This program was organized by Postgraduate Students Society, Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, UTM Johor Bahru.