The ‘Writing Discussions and Conclusion’ was held on 5th May 2020, Tuesday using online platform Cisco Webex Meeting.

This course allows learners to increase their expertise in writing thesis and papers about differentiating discussion and conclusion. Online registration crosses about 200 registered participants, but the total number of participants for the actual day was 188.

Dr. Kawthar Abdalla Mohammedahmed Bayoumi from Faculty of Social Science & Humanities had been invited to deliver the course successfully. The speaker gave her lectures in three sections; introduction, discussion and conclusion drafting, writing style, and visual aids. The aim of writing “discussion” is to inform the reader what the findings mean and the “conclusion” is intended to make the reader understand why the study will matter to them once they’ve finished reading the thesis.

Overall, this course received positive feedback from all participants and the speaker gave a valuable insight into how to compose the conclusion and discussion to preserve the accuracy, coherence and continuity of participants study. They hoped that organizers will have more webinars to enable more students to participate online.

This program was organized by Postgraduate Students Society, Faculty of Social Science & Humanities (PGSS FSSH), UTM Johor Bahru.