A coffee session was organized to share with post graduate students on how to manage intellectual and emotional for career and self-development. The ‘Intellectual and Emotional Management of Postgraduate Candidate’ was held on 18th June 2020, Thursday using online platform Cisco Webex Meeting.

The publication was started a week before the event by sharing the event poster in PGSS SCEE online platform with the aid of SPS UTM. During that day, the total participants in Cisco Webex Meeting was 111 participants which include postgraduate students from UTM, 5 undergraduates, 1 UTM staff and a PhD student from UKM had joined this program. The event started sharply at 3pm.

It was an honour to invite Dr Kew Si Na from Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, UTM Johor Bahru as speaker and she delivered the topic very well. Based on the participants’ feedback, they were satisfied with the professional knowledge and insights shared by the speaker. They commented that the topic was deemed as practical and knowledgeable as many beneficial tips were shared. Furthermore, they also loved the interaction between speaker and participants where Dr Kew conducted Q&A sessions twice.

Participants also agreed that the objective of this session was met and suggested to have extended time for this topic. Overall, this coffee session received excellent ratings from the participants with many positive comments. They wished to have more similar events to be held since everyone can join the online courses easily. Last but not least, the participants appreciated the good effort done by the organizers, including SPS UTM and PGSS SCEE.

This program was organized by Postgraduate Students Society, Faculty of Engineering/School of Chemical & Energy Engineering (PGSS SCEE), UTM Johor Bahru.