Analysing, Describing and Interpreting Research Data - Strategies in Managing Research Data

This event was organized to engage with students how to manage research data more efficiently. The registration for this event was open at least one week prior with excellent response from the student. The online registration reached more than 100 participants after being publicized to social media platforms. On the actual day, the total number of participants during the online event in WebEx was 158 students.

Based on the feedback from the participants, the course was well organised and well prepared. The slotted time for the talk was also adequate and the speaker was an expert on the topic and they love the interaction of the speaker with the audience. The participant gained a lot of new information and practice as well as agreed that the objectives of the course are met. From the feedback, participants wished that a more similar course to be held and was satisfied with the content of the program. The topics were deemed as practical, knowledgeable and encouraged the participants to apply the learning in managing their thesis. Overall, this event has received an excellent rating among the participants with positive comments.