As a research student, the most compulsory thing that needs to be passed on is the proposal defense that is usually conducted in the middle journey of the study. A good preparation to succeed in the proposal defend stage must be done by students as it will determine the continuality of the study journey. 

By acknowledging this fact, the Association of Graduate Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (PGSS FSSH) has organized an event namely “How To Defend Your Proposal Like A Pro Via Online During MCO” on 16th June 2021, Wednesday.  The program was conducted collaboratively within our PGSS team led by Izzah Mardhiya Binti Mohammad Isa, who is also the vice president of PGSS FSSH.

The two-hours structured course was conducted online via Webex and started at 10.00 am until 12.00 noon, with an additional 30 minute for Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session between the panel and the participants. Before the program began, it was more than 320 participants were registered in the pre-registration form of this program, but only 169 participants (across the faculty) attended until the end of the program. The participants were from first semester one until six, and the majority were Ph.D. students compared to Masters students. However, the knowledge-sharing session from the invited panel, namely Dr. Noor Aireen binti Ibrahim received positive and constructive feedback from the participants at the end of the course.

Based on the feedback given by the participants, they stated that this event is very much helpful and beneficial towards them in preparing themselves for the battle to defend their proposal.  What makes participants excited was that the panel is very detailed, informative, and straightforward in giving the points in terms of “tips and tricks” on how to survive the session.  Some of the audiences have suggested that this program should be one of the compulsory courses in the research program at this university as the scope of knowledge shared is so attractive to the audiences.  The question-and-answer was very excellent whereby each of the curiosity of participants answered during the session.  Thus, it is hoped that this kind of program will be implemented again with additional time as 2 hours is not enough to discuss defending proposal with the speaker.

Report by:

Mohamad Suhaimi bin Samad

Secretary of Program “How To Defend Your Proposal Like A Pro Via Online During MCO”,

Exco Member PGSS FSSH