Postgraduate students’ journeys are unique. Many challenges and obstacles need to be faced by students to achieve one mission which is to accomplish their studies and graduate. However, a winding journey along the study is meaningful and gives thousands of happy moments. Thus, students need to find a track or platform to collect some tips on how to find happiness and finally give memorable and meaningful experiences along the way on the postgraduate journey, besides being successful in achieving their ambitions.

By acknowledging this fact, the Association of Graduate Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (PGSS FSSH) has organized a program entitled ‘How To Find Happiness Through Postgraduate Journey’ on 2nd May 2021, Sunday.

The program was implemented collaboratively within our PGSS team led by Mawaddah binti Allam, and was supported by a few members from the committee which gave good cooperation from the beginning until the end of the program. The two-hours structured course was conducted online via Webex and started at 10.00 am until 12.00 noon. Before the program began, there were seventy-one (71) participants registered in the pre-registration form of this program, but only forty-two (42) participants (across the faculty) attended until the end of the program.

The participants were mostly from Ph.D., followed by Masters, and the rest was from undergraduate students. The knowledge sharing session from the invited speaker, namely Associate Prof. Dr. Siti Aisyah binti Abdul Rahman@Panatik, Chair of School of Human Resource Development and Psychology (SHARPS), received positive and constructive feedback from the participants.

Based on the participants’ feedback, they stated that this program was beneficial in providing guidance for postgraduate students to confront challenges and obstacles to accomplish their studies. We are grateful that the speaker was excited and wanted to give another talk about quantitative research for the next session. All participants welcomed the speaker to share and grab this opportunity. Hence, it is hoped that this kind of program will continue in the future.

Report by:
Nor’Ain binti Abd Rahman,
Secretary of Program ‘How To Find Happiness Through Postgraduate Journey’