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Anaheim University Ferrotec Akira Yamamura Scholarship

2 students can earn a full scholarship towards an Anaheim University online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program

Applicants can apply the scholarship to 1 of these 3 online degree programs:

Applicants must meet Anaheim University’s MBA entrance requirements.

Applicants must express an interest in being considered for future employment by Ferrotec. However, being awarded a scholarship does not guarantee that an offer of employment will be made to the scholarship recipient.

Applicants with Heat Transfer, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, International Business / bilingual (English + 1 other language) language skills/experience will be given preferential consideration.

Scholarships will be awarded on a merit basis based on the applicant’s qualifications.

Applicants must maintain standards set forth by the Scholarship Committee and/or the University’s administration in order to remain in good standing and continue to receive the scholarship funding throughout the remainder of their program. Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain a minimum of a B average at all times and complete each course with a minimum of a 3.0 grade. Scholarship recipients must also remain continuously enrolled from the commencement of their program through graduation. Skipped term fees are not included in the scholarship and skipped terms are only allowed with special permission from the University’s Dean.

Scholarship Application Requirements

Scholarship Applicants must submit:

– standard application materials required for an Anaheim University online MBA or Master of Entrepreneurship program. Click here for a list of program entrance requirements.

– a 1,000 word essay outlining:

          • How you feel the Anaheim University degree will benefit you
          • Why you would like to be considered for possible employment by Ferrotec upon graduation
          • Your area of academic and professional specialization

To Apply:

Click here to complete the online application form.

E-mail 1,000-word scholarship application essay to ausupport @ anaheim.edu


Application Deadline

May 25, 2018

Scholarship Recipients Announced

June 1, 2018

MBA Program Start Date

July 2, 2018