How to Pay for GREx Participation Fee?

You may select one of the following 2 methods to make fees payments:

(no refund for cancellation)


1) JomPay (Local bank only)

Step 1: Logon to the Internet or Mobile Banking and look for JomPAY

Step 2: Enter

Biller Code    : 2592

Ref 1               : GREx 2021

Ref 2               : Name of Presenter / Participant

Step 3: Confirm payment (RM50.00)

Step 4: Download transaction receipt

You can check the payment availability of your bank here.


2) UTM e-Commerce System

(Receipt will only show payer’s name automatically)

Step 1: Go to the e-Commerce Portal:

Step 2: Follow the guideline (Download the guideline here)

Step 3: Search for payment code according to your category (UTM0536)

GREx Fee Payment: RM50.00

Step 4: Choose the right category and make payment via debit/credit card

Step 5: Download transaction receipt

 *Please note that the payment duration via JomPay starts on 12th January 2021 until 10th June 2021 and payment via e-Commerce will starts on 23rd May 2021 until 10th June  2021.

*E-Poster & Proof of Payment can be submitted through: