Graduate Research Exhibition Competition (GREx) 2021

Result Announcement  

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee, We Would Like to Congratulate the Winners of the GREx 2021 Competition.

Gold Medal Winners


Nur Faizal Bin Kasri Development of Pulsed Electric Field Technology in Food Processing Applications
Mohd Aidy Faizal Johari Stress Relaxation of Magnetorheological Elastomer Performance in Correlation to Microscopic Morphology Durability
Al-Samaraie Abdulmunem Raad A-Ulmunem Numerical and Experimental Analysis of The Tilt Angle’s Effects on The Characteristics of The Melting Process of Pcm-Based as PV Cell’s Backside Heat Sink
Rusdi Bin Mat Song Magnetorheological Elastomer Engine Mounting
Wan Mohd. Arif Bin Aziz Japar Sustainable Cooling Solution for Semiconductor Industry in Ir4.0
Nur Azizah Johari Hybrid Ultrafiltration Membrane for Efficient Textile Wastewater Treatment
New Wee Kiat Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) For Cellular-Connected UAV
Nor Mohd Haziq Bin Norsahperi Robotic Arm with Energy Saving Feature: Let’s Save
Syed Aamer Hussain Disaster Area Network Expansion Using Drones Based Ad-Hoc Cellular Communication
Hassanel Zachary Bin Amaludin Silicone Rubber Based MRE Isolator Subjected to Low Vibration Loading
Yap Zhen Shyong Smart Hybrid Block
Liew Wen Ching Active-Smart Packaging
Rusila Zamani Jusoh @ Abd Rashid Effects of Silica Nanoparticles on The Properties Of EPDM-Based Magnetorheological Elastomers
Mohd Rashdan Bin Abdul Kadir Normative Rule Extraction from Implicit Learning into Explicit Representation
Norasmahan Muridan Performance of Multiwavelength Fiber Laser Employing Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Based on Polarization Rotation Adjustment


Science and Technology

Nadhilah Aqilah Binti Shahdan Possible Production of Hydrocarbon-Rich Biofuel from Co-Pyrolysis of Empty Fruit Bunch and High-Density Polyethylene Over Rice Husk Ash Catalysts
Rai Naveed Asrhad Electroporator For Fruit Juice Pasteurization
Muhammad Hariz Asraf Bin Hassan Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Effect of Silver Nanoparticles-Incorporated Zeolite A Using Misai Kucing Leaf Extract
Ir Ts Radhwan Hussin Hybrid Mold: Comparative Study of Rapid and Hard Tooling for Injection Molding Application Using Metal Epoxy Composite (MEC)
Shazwana Binti Sha’arani Structure and Functional Profiling of Soil Microbial Communities Under Soil Cooling Approach for Temperate Root Crop in The Tropics
Afiq Azri Bin Zainudin Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomer with Cobalt Filler
Muhammad Ramziuddin Bin Zakaria From Mangrove Soil to The Enhancement of Commercial Detergent


Social Science and Humanities

Jameela Hanoon Umarlebbe Grammatical Errors in The English Writings of Sri Lankan Engineering Diploma Students
Nor Farhah Binti Saidin CBOND-AR: Enhancing Students’ Visualization and Critical Thinking In Learning Chemistry
Nurul Ain Binti Saipudin Food Skills Training Model (FS-TM) Addressing Food Neophobia Using Just-In-Time Approach for Preschool Teachers
Noor Asmina Binti Mohd Rashid “Dunia Jawi”- Play and Learn
Salina Binti Sadeli Green Campus Awareness in Higher Education: Mobile Application Prototype for Green Reward Points Program. Case Study: Utmspace Kuala Lumpur


Silver Medal Winners


Ainun Khairiyah Binti Taib Carbon Doped Boron Nitride Based Schottky Barrier Diode for Gas Sensing Application
Adrian Afzal Bin Ariff Effects of Complexing Agent and Sulfur Annealing Temperature on Transformation Of N- To P- Type of FeSxOy (Iron-Sulfide-Oxide) Film for Solar Cells Applications
Amir Asyraf Bin Nasarudin Anionic Surfactant Modification of Activated Carbon for Adsorption of Methylene Blue
Dahlia Murni Binti Mohamad Noor Modeling on Rheological Properties of Magnetorheological Plastomer Using Machine Learning
Fatin Amirah Binti Razmi Developed A Newly Mesostructured Ceria Doped Calcium-Based Catalyst Derived from Seashell Waste for Upgrading Pyrolysis Oil to Prospective Fuels
Mohamed Tohami M Abou Sif Dynamic Performance of Rubberized Concrete Interlocking Brick Wall Subjected to Cyclic Loadings
Abinash Gaya Advanced Millimeter Wave Dielectric Resonator Antenna System for 5g Small Cells: From Mbps To Gbps
Mohamad Zahierruden Bin Ismail A Framework to Prevent Cost Overrun in Malaysian Rail Projects
Chuan Mu Wen Electronic Transport Modelling of Uniformly Doped-Silicene For Field-Effect Transistor
Joyce Sia Sin Yin Enhancement of Blurry and Noisy Knee Images
Muhamad Amirul Sunni Bin Rohim Magnetostriction Modeling on MR Foam Using A Machine Learning
Noor Fathiah Haziqah Othman Facile Synthesis of Magnetic Eggshell Modified with Polyethyleneimine For Aspirin Removal
Muhammad Nazrif Bin Zamani Structural Health Monitoring on Pipeline System Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm
Muhamad Fakhrul Ikhmal Bin Akhshah Microstructural Analysis in Investigating Deteriorating Port Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) In Seawater Intrusion
Ariani Dwi Astuti The Power of Artificial Intelligence: Water Quality Index Prediction Model in Skudai River Using In-Situ Parameters
Che Munira Binti Che Razali Adaptive Multiple Infill Sampling Metamodel With Consensus for Global Optimization
Nur Amanina Damira Binti Muhalim Interfacial Properties of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibre Reinforced Polyoxymethylene Composite
Muhamad Azwar Bin Azhari Palm Oil as Green Alternative Lubricant
Mohamad Ihsan Bin Abdul Hamid Controllable Stiffness of MRE Bushing
Owolewa Rasheed Olabisi A Simulating Model for Detecting Government Employees’ Susceptibility to Phishing Attacks in Nigeria
Abu Hassan Nordin Magsorb For Efficient Wastewater Treatment During Covid-19 Pandemic
Saifullah Khan A Novel Generalized Step-Up Transfromerless Boost-Type Inverter for PV Systems
Mutaz Hamed Hussien Khairi Detection and Classification of Conflict Flows in Software Define Network (SDN)
Labib Sharrar Automated Fault Diagnosis of Electric Motors
Chin Yi Jie An Adoption Model for Green Information System Adoption
Ir Ahmad Mazlan Bin Othman Durability of Bamboo Treated with Morinda Citrifolia Extract
Muhammad Juzaili Bin Hisam An Improved Cutting Tool Design in Cryogenic Cooling Method for Machining Aerospace Material
Muhammad Haris Multi-View Co-Clustering Using an Improved K-Means Algorithm
Matthias Tiong Foh Thye Impact of Coil Design on Wireless Charging
Muhammad Imran Bin Ismail Integrated Solar Thermal Systems Financial Mechanism Framework via Peer-To Peer (P2P)

Science and Technology

Nguyen Nam Phong Real-Time Bus Tracking and Analytics
Dhanesh Kumareswaran A Fast Digital Map Using Image Stitching Algorithm
Nur’alyaa Binti Mohd Nasir Role of Graphite on Strengthen the Yield Stress of Magnetorheological Grease
Ts. Siti Nur Aishah Mohd Noor Competencies of Quantity Surveyors in Construction Industry – A Review
Husna Hafiza Binti R.Azami What Makes Students Use Games for Learning? A Systematic Review of Educational Game Acceptance
Pang Zheng Bin FTIR Analysis of MR Grease with Dilution Oils
Izzatil Ameerah Binti Jaiah @ Jais Magnetostriction Enhancement of Magneto-Active Foam Composited NiZn Ferrite
Lim Hui Ting A Conceptual Framework for Automated Malay-English Mixed-Language Question Answering System
Sya’rawi Muhammad Husni Bin Mohd Sharoni Active Microwave Satellite for Tropical Cyclone Study
Nurul Nadia Senin Investigation on the Effect of Temperature and Magnetic Field Towards Magnetostriction of Magneto-Active Foam
Nurul Farah Shamimi Binti Amlee Effect of Force on the Resistance F Hydrogel-Based Magnetorheological Plastomer
Shilan Sameen Hameed Aljaf Larra: Lightweight and Real-Time Machine Learning for the IoMT Ransomware Detection
Noor Sahirah Binti Muhazeli Controllable Sound-Based Magnetorheological Foam
Farah Kamilah Binti Zainuddin Debunking the Unaffordable Houses Issues in Malaysia From the Transaction Cost Economics Perspectives: A Preliminary Study
Siti Dianah Binti Abdul Bujang Student Grade Prediction Framework for Improving Imbalanced Multi-Classification Using Hybrid Preprocessing Approach
Do Nguyet Quang Website Phishing Detection Through Ensemble Deep Learning and Swarm Intelligence Algorithm
Yap Suk Wy Mechanical Durable Superhydrophobic ZnO/Epoxy for Self -Cleaning Application
Nur Syafika Artika Framework of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation Strategies Towards Sustainable Residential Construction Project in Malaysia
Nor Zakiah Binti Gorment Malware Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Nursyafiqah Binti Zaini Graphite Based MR Plastomer Hydrogel as a Potential Conductive Material for Sensor Application
Massalina Ismail Young and Promises: Prediction on Credit Repayment Default Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Siti Khumaira Binti Mohd Jamari Magnetorheological Properties of Smart Elastomer Embedded with Polystyrene-Grafted Particles
Norhiwani Binti Mohd Hapipi The Rheological Properties of Chemically Crosslinked Polyvinyl Alcohol Magnetorheological Plastomer
Rahayu Emilia Binti Mohamed Khaidir Yield Strength Enhancement and Rheological Response of Flexible MR Foam with Small Addition of Nanoparticle Silica
Surenthiran Krishnan Hybrid Deep Learning Model Using Recurrent Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit for Heart Disease Prediction
Raihan Maskuriy Smart Construction Waste Management Framework Using BIM And IoT
Afiqah Zahirah Binti Zakaria An Integrated of Segmented Images Based Clustering Methods and Improved Convolutional Neural Network for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Early Detection Using Chest X-Ray Images
Wan Nur Hidayah Binti Ibrahim Improved Behaviour-Based with Independent Component Analysis for Detecting Novel Botnet in Network Traffic
Shakirah Binti Mohd Sofi Explicit and Implicit Aspect Extraction in Sentiment Analysis: Systematic Review, Taxonomy, Issues and Challenges
Farhana Abdullah Asuhaimi Systematic Literature Review on Granular Computing

Social Sciences and Humanities

Nur Nawwar Binti Ahmad Farouk Evaluation of Natural Environment within Islamic Built Environment Context in the Muslim Friendly Hotel in Malaysia
Errna Nadhirah Binti Kamalulil The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Well-Being Among of Group
Surita Mogan Patients and Healthcare Providers Views on The Communication Challenges of Offering Healthcare to Endometriosis Patients
Muhammad Talhah Ajmain @ Jima’ain Sirah Teaching that Affects Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs)
Nazirul Fariq Bin Mohd Kassim Cost Risk Management of Railway Construction Project
Kiran Kaur Online Communication Support Via Facebook For Malaysian Women with Reproductive Issues
Liu Fang Multimodal Discourse of Violence Representation in Chinese Children’s Animation
Norarbaiyah Bt Yaacob The Effectiveness of Basic Refinery Courseware in Enhancing Visualization Skills
Izzah Mardhiya Binti Mohammad Isa Framing Funds of Knowledge Framework from Multidimensional Perspectives of Physics Education in Marginalized Rural Area
Nor Marina Rosli Establishment of a Framework for Domestic Subcontract in Malaysian Construction Industry
Nurul Artika Binti Zambri Framework of Interactive Learning Environment Through Visualisation to Support Creative Thinking Skills
Nurul Suliana Binti Yusoff Socioeconomic Well-Being of Rural Community in Regional Development Corridor
Muhammad Asyraf Bin Tasin Magnetostriction Properties of MRE For Sensor Application
Liu Jiaxing A Review of Critical Discourse Analysis Approaches Adopted in Reporting Covid-19 News in China and American Press
Cheng Mui Li Entrepreneurial Motivation of Orang Asli
Masarrah Binti Abdul Mutalib A Framework of Online Interaction in Social Learning Environment to Enhance Students Critical Thinking
Rozana Binti Ismail Play to Win, But Play for Fun! Designing Game Using Participatory Approach
S. Thivviyah A/P Sanmugam Polytechnic English Language Lecturers Engagement with Educational Research to Improve Pedagogical Practices

Bronze Medal Winners


Najihasuhada Bt Abi Jihat Zeolite as Adsorbent for Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Siti Zubaidah Mohd Zain Hashtag (#) Marketing Model on Social Media Platforms
Siti Fatimah Binti Mohd Shahar Durability of MRE in Large-Strain Performance

Science and Technology

Badrul Emran Bin Badrul Hisham Understanding Esports
Koh Fung Chieng Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) Evaluation on Smart Living for Resilience Sustainable Development in Malaysia
Ahmad Aizat Bin Rosli Static Portable Executable Malware Detection Using Various Boosting Algorithms with Automated Feature Engineering
Nur Tasnim Husna Binti Yusoff Electrical Properties of Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Ammonium Sulphate Solid Biopolymer Electrolytes
Khairul Anwar Bin Kadir The Effect of the Grease Viscosity as a Carrier Fluid to the Torque in Magnetorheological Brake
Kasma Diana Binti Saharuddin Machine Learning Application on Magnetorheological Elastomer
Nada Badreldin Ibrhim Elshikeri Solvents Parameters Dependence on Weibull Modulus for LSPR Sensors
Alrashidi Muhammad Abrahim M Social Recommendation for Social Networks Using Deep Learning Approach
Mohd Hairul Fadli Bin Mohd Hashim 3D Visualization and Annotation Model for Augmented Reality Application in Cultural Heritage Tourism

Best Poster Design Award (Master)

Nur Nawwar Binti Ahmad Farouk

Best Poster Design Award (PhD)

Salina Binti Sadeli

Congratulations to All Winners