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EVENT TITLE What Makes You Happy?
DATE 19/3/2019
TIME 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm
LOCATION Mak Jah Café, UTM Johor Bahru
SPEAKER Dr. Zulfikar bin Ahmad
EVENT SUMMARY This workshop helps PG students to identify the interesting parts of PG study life, to provide a clearer guidance and mental support for students to GOT, to provide an interactive platform for PG to exchange ideas and to boraden the view of students on themselves and the world.
Focus in doing research or study only may lead students to close their windows of the world event the ehearts of themselves.  Thus, this sharing session aims to guide the students to have a proper and happy postgraduate life by providing the guidance and support from UTM Counselling Centrec Director, Dr. Zulfikar.  After attending this session, students are able to recognize this own personality as well as his happiness source.  They will discover the interesting parts of PG study and find the way that make them happy.  The mental support and guidance provided may also help them to GOT which contribute to the good reputation of UTM.  Hence, this sharing session is encouraged to ensure students to exchange their ideas and experience together so they can be stronger and united in completing their studies excellently.