UTM PG SUPPORT PROGRAM (Structured, Elective & Compulsory Courses)

The Structured Courses usually conducted at each school/faculty by Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS). These fundamental courses aims at developing researcher identity and equipping students with the skills needed during postgraduate studies. Aside from developing the research skills, students are also furnished with elective courses (through coffee session) that aim at harnessing both personal and professional skills and aptitudes. On top of that, Compulsory Course (UTM Thesis Template) also organised by PGSS School/Faculty/UTM.

The table below shows the activities that will be conducted in 2020. Based on the current situation of Covid-19, the PG Structured Courses, Coffee Session and Compulsory Course will be conducted online. To join, kindly pre register. Further details are as follow:

PGSS SKMSKBSKHigh Impact PublicationDr. Syafiqah Saidin29-Sept-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKMSKBSKApproaching Viva Voce Voice (Do’s & Dont’s)Dr. Kamariah Md Isa14-Sept-20209.00am – 10.30amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKMSKBSKDuring Viva Voce Defend Your ThesisDr. Kamariah Md Isa14-Sept-202010.30am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKERoute To Professional EngineerDr. Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim14-Sept-20209.00am – 11.00amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SC & PGSS AHIBS JBIn Search of the Philosophy of a PhD: Towards a Thinking PhD ScholarProf. Ts. Dr. Rose Alinda Alias10- Sept- 20209.30am – 10.30amFB LiveCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS JBMendeley – Your Friendly Reference and Citation Managing ToolTs. Dr. Azman Mohamed8-Sept-20209.00am – 12.00WEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SCPhyton for Data Analysis Workshop Dr. Haslina Hashim7-Sept-202010.00am – 12.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FABUThesis Writing: Preparing for SubmissionDr. Shamsulhadi Bandi7-Sept-202010.00am-12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKEHow to Publish My First High Impact JournalDr. Leow Chee Yen26-Aug-202011.00am – 1.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS, PGSS FSSHPGCC – UTM Thesis WritingTs. Dr. Azman Mohamed25-Aug-20209.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS RTIFSPSS Data Analysis (Intermediate)Dr. Maslin Masrom24-Aug-202010.00am-12.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SCSystematic Mapping Studies WorkshopTs. Dr. Rohayanti Hassan24-Aug-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKAThe Power of Procrastination (Coffee Session)Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin23-Aug-20209.00am – 11.00amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SCCoffee Session : Research in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics for Academic & IndustryDr. Afnizanfaizal Abdullah11-Aug-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKTViva Defense PreparationDr. Dewi Fariha Abdullah10-Aug-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS JBManaging ResearchAssoc. Prof. Dr. Suresh Ramakrishnan5-Aug-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS UTMPGCC – UTM Thesis WritingTs. Dr. Azman Mohamad4-Aug-20209.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKACoffee SessionAssoc. Prof. Dr. Roslli Noor Mohamed21-July-20209.00am – 11.00amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FABUData Analysis WorkshopAssoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zaly Shah Muhammad Hussein16-July-202010.00am – 1.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSThe Art of Scientific WritingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Roswanira Ab. Wahab14-July- 20202.30pm – 4.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS JBQuantitative Research in Social Science: Instrument Design and Data AnalysisDr. Zuraidah Sulaiman6-July-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSScience Communication: Can You Tell? COVID-19 Edition
(PG Coffee Session)
Dr. Saleha Shahar30-June-20202.00pm – 4.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKEUsing Publisher LaTex Template to Write Research Paper in LyxMr. Mohammed Sultan Mohammed28- June- 20202.30pm – 4.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBAnalyzing, describing and interpreting research data: Strategies in managing research dataDr. Nurul Farhana Noordin23-June-20202.00pm – 4.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKMSKBSKHow Good is Good Enough?
(PG Coffee Session)
Dr. Nurwina Akmal Anuar23-June- 202010.30am-12.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKEPreparing for Viva DefenseAssoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nadzir Marsono21-June-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKTPG Coffee Session: The Intellectual and Emotional Management of PG CandidateDr. Kew Si Na18-June-20203.00pm – 4.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FTIRSPSS Data Analysis WorkshopAssoc. Prof. Dr. Maslin Masrom16 – June- 20209.45am – 12.30amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBResearch Method in Social Sciences
Questions and Answers in Quantitative research methodology
Dr. Adibah Abdul Latif16-June-20202.00pm – 4.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS KLStrategies Becoming Productive Writer (CS)Dr. Farhana Quoquab Habib13-June- 202010.30am – 12.30pmWEBEX CLOSED
PGSS SKTG.O.T Motivation CourseDr. Juhana Jaafar9-June-2010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBCoffee SessionProf. Dr. Zaidatun Tasir4-June-202010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS KLViva Defense PreparationProf. Dr. Sha’ri Mohd Yusof3-June-2010.00am – 12.00pmZOOMCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS JBDetermination of Sample Size in Research: The Best PracticeProf. Dr. Rohaizat Baharun3-June-2010.00am – 11.30amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKAThesis writingProf. Dr. Mohammad Ismail19-May-209.00am – 11.00amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKTHow to Get Publish in High Impact JournalsProf. Dr. Azman Hassan19-May-202.00pm – 4.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBMixing it up: Understanding and Using Mixed Method Research in Social SciencesDr. Mahyuddin Arsat18-May-209.00am – 11.00amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH KLWriting Chapter 3Dr. Nor Liza Hj. Ali18-May-2011.30am – 1.30pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBBengkel Penggunaan NVIVO dalam Penyelidikan Kualitatif (Dalam Bahasa Malaysia)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamarul Azmi Jasmi17-May-20TBAWEBEX FSSH & FB LiveCLOSED
PGSS SKT & PGSS SKAPreparing for The Post COVID 19 Looming Crisis of Graduate UnemploymentProf. Ir. Ts. DR. Zainuddin Abd Manan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramesh @ Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan
14-May-2011.30am – 1.00pmWEBEX & FB LiveCLOSED
PGSS SKMSKBSKMy Infected ProductivityDr. Jaysuman Pusppanathan13-May-2010.00am – 11.30amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSLife After PhDAssoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Ahmad Nizam Nik Malik12-May-202.00pm – 4.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FTIRResearch Management Software WorkshopDr. Siti Uzairiah Mohd Tobi11-May-209.30am – 11.30amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SKEManaging Research Towards GOTDr. Sheikh Usman Ullah5-May-202.30pm – 5.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FABUDeveloping Data Collection InstrumentsProf. Dr. Mohammad Rafee Majid5-May-209.00am – 1.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBWriting Discussion & ConclusionDr. Khawtar Abdolla Mohammedahmed5-May-209.00am-1.00pmWEBEX
PGSS AHIBS JBQualititative Research in Social Sciences: Why & When We Do It?Dr. Norhalimah Idris29-Apr-2011.00am – 1.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS AHIBS JBQualitative Analysis: A Reflection on Techniques and Presenting Your FindingsDr. Norhalimah Idris29-Apr-201.00pm – 3.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBTranslating Research Problem into Research Objectives and Research QuestionsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Jamalludin Harun7-Apr-209.30 am – 11.30 amWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS FSSH JBHow to Defend Your Proposal Lika a ProDr. Aminabibi Saidalvi5-Apr-2010.00am – 12.00pmWEBEXCLOSED
PGSS SCWhat is systematic mapping? 
(How to Design a Literature Review Systematically?) – Yr. 1
Dr Rohayanti HassanTBATBATBATBA
PGSS AHIBS KLHow to be Productive Writer Dr. Farzana Quoquab HabibTBATBATBATBA