List of videos from UTM Postgraduate Structured Course

List of videos from other sources

Behind the Scene

Most of the videos available here were recorded from the Postgraduate Structured Courses and Coffee Session which were organized by PGSS committee. 


“By teaming up with PGSS, I gain invaluable experiences in managing and organizing more than 25 programs for the postgraduate student, which include structure courses, workshop, competition, forum and conferences. From these PGSS activities, it help to improve my soft skills and research skills. At the same time, I develop good communication skill and management skills in order to balance up the PhD journey with co-curriculum activities and research activities.”

Ts Dr Loke Kok Foong

President of PGSS School of Civil Engineering session 2017/2018

“Come in to learn, go out to serve. PGSS UTM provided me a golden opportunity to hone my leadership skills as a student leader to assist the postgraduate students. Along the journey, we have conducted several structured courses, workshops and conference. The hit by pandemic COVID-19 even brought precious virtual experiences to us and benefited wider audiences. Meeting charismatic people and exploring my inner personalities are the best gift I have in this PGSS UTM journey. PGSS UTM – a fun and opportunity worth exploring society to go beyond academic or research achievement. Come and join us now! ”

Liew Wen Ching

President of PGSS SCEE and Vice President of PGSS UTM session 2019/2020)