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At Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, we appreciate students who demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding research achievements by providing various scholarships and financial aid.

Postgraduate Scholarships

International Doctoral Fellowship

International Doctoral Fellowship

  • Application is open to International students registered as full time PhD students at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia who are currently in 1st until 6th semester.
  • Applicant is currently not working or receiving any form of financial aids from other sources.
  • Applicant is required to be in Malaysia within 2 months during the application period.
  • Applicant who has received the IDF in the previous semesters, must submit papers published within one (1) previous year and current only.
  • Publications without the name of Main Supervisor and UTM affiliation will not be considered.
  • Papers will be evaluated based on the contribution of the writers.
  • Publication must be verified by Main Supervisor on the first page of the article/s.
  • The decision in relation to the IDF award is FINAL and no appeal will be considered/entertained.
  • The University has right to reject the application in the event of false information provided.


Application for International Doctoral Fellowship 2022/2023-11:

5th until 13th April 2023

User Manual for International Doctoral Fellowship Application



Postgraduate Scholarships

UTM National postgraduate  Fund

UTM National Postgraduate Fund

  • Currently in ‘Active’ status.
  • Applications are open to PhD students in semesters 1 to 6 and to Master’s students in semesters 1 to 4.
  • Applicant is currently not working or receiving any form of financial aids from other sources.
  • Students with good publications record will be given priority.
  • Students in semester 2 and above must have obtained a grade of MM—Satisfactory in the Progress Report in the previous semester and have an excellent academic track record.
  • 35 years old and below for Master Level and 45 years old and below for PhD Level.
  • Priority will be given to applicant with household income of less than RM5,000.00.


Application for International Doctoral Fellowship 2022/2023-11:

5th until 13th April 2023

User Manual for UTM National Postgraduate Fund Application



Postgraduate Scholarships

UTMNEXUS Scholarship

UTMNexus Scholarship

  • Malaysian citizen aged not more than 35 years on the date of application.
  • Applicants have obtained an admission offer letter for a full-time Doctor of Philosophy program in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2022/2023-1) before 30th September 2022.
  • Applicants are not receiving scholarships or financial aid for studies from any company, foundation, government agency, or sponsoring body.
  • Applicants have obtained a minimum CGPA of 3.50 at Master’s degree level.
  • Also open to UTM Fast Track PhD Program students (2022/2023-1).


Application for UTMNexus Scholarship 2022/2023-1:

1st August until 30th September 2022

User Manual for UTMNexus Application
Award Range
  • Tuition fees sponsorship for 1st to 6th semester
  • Monthly allowance of RM2,250 for 36 months


UTM Young Scholars Grant

UTM Young Scholars Grant

This grant support doctoral and research masters candidates to present their research findings in well-established and high impact international/national conferences by funding the conference fees.

Application Requirements / Instructions
  1. Open to students (both local & international) registered in PhD and Master by Research programs in UTM. However, for international students only those enrolled in doctoral programme are eligible.
  2. Priority is given to an applicant in semester 1-6 for PhD and semester 1-3 for Master by Research candidate.
  3. Application should be filed in advance at least two (2) months prior the date of the conference. These documents are required for the application:
        a) Details of the conference with your name as presenter (e.g: proceeding, concurrent schedule);
    b) Offer/Invitation letter from organizer;
    c) Abstract of paper presentation;
    d) Quotation of the registration fees;
  4. Only approved applications, will qualify to claim for the grant.
  5. Applicant must be invited as an oral presenter and present at the conference. Applicant must be the first student author of the paper, which must cover original, ongoing research and directly related to the applicant thesis topic.
  6. Applicant must not receive any full scholarship (tuition fees and monthly allowance) during the application submission.
  7. Applicant can only be awarded with this financial assistance ONCE throughout the study.
  8. Please take note that an applicant’s funding will be cancelled upon submission of thesis for viva voce.
  9. Only attendance to conference organized by registered association/university/research institute/academic organization/government agency (preferably indexed conference) will be considered for financial support. Supervisors are responsible to check and ensure that the conference is not organized by commercial organizer.
  10. The rates for this funding are as below:
        a) PhD – maximum amount of RM700
    b) Master by Research – maximum amount of RM500


How To Apply

The application form is available at :-

[DOWNLOAD]  (updated on 21 May 2021)

Note: Following the UTM Bursary procedure, original receipts are required for claim purposes.

Hence, please make sure original documents are submitted to SPS office via post or walk-in to avoid delay.

Please inform us via email at sps.scholarship@utm.my, should you have difficulties in submitting the original documents.


Publication Incentive Claim

Publication Incentive Claim

Students may apply the Publication Incentive Claim as a endorsements from the university for the research publications that they have produced.

Claim Payments

Below are the maximum value in claims that a student can apply for the Publication Incentive:

  • Q1 : RM250.00
  • Q2 : RM250.00

The new rate is effective from 1st June 2020.

Application is subjected to the availability of the allocation approved by the University.


Claim Criteria

The criteria required in making Publication Incentive Claims:

  1. The article should be ISI indexed in Web of Science
  2. The applicant must be the First Student Author and UTM Graduate student;
  3. Published paper must have volume no. and page no.;
  4. Affiliation must be Universiti Teknologi Malaysia;
  5. Applicant must be the First Student Author and supervisor (s) must be one of the authors;
  6. All claims made in the current year are only valid for paper published in the CURRENT SEMESTER and in ONE PREVIOUS SEMESTER.

How To Apply

The application form is available at:

[DOWNLOAD]  (updated on 23 May 2023)

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